1. All orders must include a completed order form. Realty Imaging reserves the right to edit property information if lack of space becomes an issue. There is a $15.00 and $25.00 cancellation fee for postcards and flyers, respectively, once work has been started, plus original layout fee if applicable.

  2. After faxed proof has been approved, all errors are then the responsibility of the agent. There is a maximum of 2 complimentary faxed proofs per order, after which a $5.00 charge will apply to each additional fax. Excessive changes may also incur fees.

  3. All orders (excluding postcards) are kept on file for 6 months, during which time reorder pricing applies to that order. Minor alterations such as price change or phone number change are complimentary, but additional changes may incur additional charges.

  4. Special projects will be priced on an individual basis. A deposit may be necessary for special orders. Rush order fees (minimum $15.00) will be individually determined based on the circumstances.

  5. All shipping will be through USPS or UPS at the discretion of Realty Imaging.

  6. Due to variances in the printing process (i.e. temperature, humidity, etc.) quantity and color consistency may vary slightly (5%+/-).

  7. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Realty Imaging. Payment is due at the time of order and may be in the form of check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard. Credit cards incur an additional 5% convenience fee. Returned checks (NSF) will be charged a $25.00 fee. All overdue balances will be automatically referred to Fidelity Collection Service for further action.

  8. Realty Imaging observes all copyright laws and only accepts orders for reproduction with the strict understanding that the client has the legal right to copy said material. Customer holds Realty Imaging blameless and indemnifies us from all costs, attorney's fees and judgements from claims or lawsuits resulting from any copyright infringement. All material output by Realty Imaging is copyrighted and is protected by law.